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“Your photos are amazing!”

I’m happy that you liked my photos, that means a lot to me. I’ll keep on practicing! :D

Muse: ze sister!

Emily Soto is undeniably my inspiration for this funshoot. *u*

I’m currently in Laguna and my mom’s laptop doesn’t have Photoshop nor Lightroom *sobs*, so I had to settle for Photoscape in the meantime.

Yay or nay?

Chill*  x  Kevin Tamasiro  x  Kathleen Kapulong

Muse: Zophia Songuad and Jennelyn Nepomuceno
HMUA and Stylist: Carlo Vidamo
Assistant Stylist: Ging Palmenco

Photo and flower crown by Kathleen Kapulong

All designs, pictures and other contents ©kaththecrapout unless stated otherwise. Please do not steal anything.

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